Subscribing to Binary Joy will let you automagically receive our updates, saving you time and effort, since you will no longer have to remember to visit the site to be kept updated. What’s more, we offer a multitude of ways to subscribe, so you can get the updates the way you want, rather than the way we choose.

Our subscription methods include rss feeds, and email updates.


At Binary Joy we use a technology called “feeds” for spreading our news. You can see the full selection of feeds we offer below.

Feed Name http://
Main Site Feed (everything) subscribe
Reviews Feed subscribe
Games News Feed subscribe
Features Feed subscribe

Subscribe via email

If you don’t understand all that nonsense about rss feeds then you can also use our update service to send you emails with the latest Binary Joy features. All you have to do is click on the link below and follow the instructions.


We value your privacy and will never use or abuse the information you give us. This means we won’t be sending you any spam or selling your email address – we hate it when people do that as well!


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