Nice and quiet – Just how we like it. Today Binary joy opens it’s doors to the public.

Binary Joy is a website dedicated to video games, but not just any games. Good games. Games you enjoy. We will feature any game, as long as the person doing the writing enjoys what they see. This means that you will only find games that we think are worth playing. Of course you won’t necessarily agree and that’s why the comments are there. We’d love to hear your opinions on the games and news we talk about so feel free to join in the conversation.

The games we talk about can be anything and everything. From the biggest budget commercial game down to the smallest little freeware game. As long as it’s fun it’s in.

Currently the site is a little sparse but that should change over the next few weeks. There are lots of parts of the design that need filling out and adjusting, and we have lots of ideas for features that will make this site just a little bit different.

Enjoy your stay.


A keen video gamer and web developer I have been making games and designing websites for many years. Binary Joy is the combination of my two passions.

You can also see me on my personal website, Binary Moon, and try my games from my online game store, Binary Sun

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