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Back again, but for how long?

If you're subscribed to the RSS feed then you will likely have noticed that Binary Joy has come back. I don't know how long I will post about video games here, but I have recently been noticing an increasing number of games that interest me, so I thought I would start writing about them once more.

Add to that a new design, a modification of my premium WordPress theme called Byline, and the site has a fresh new look that will fit right into this modern internet age.

If anyone wants to write for the site then please just let me know and I will see how things go.

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  • I've always enjoyed reading your feed & posts, but you were updating quite heavily for a long time, so I understand if you needed a break. =) Glad you've been getting interested again tho! Like the theme too.

    I wish I was as hardcore about games as I used to be... then I might write, but these days I only know what I happen to see on my feed or a couple review sites.

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      Previously I was really interested in writing to try and build a massive website that everyone would visit, but now I am just writing about the things I enjoy. If others enjoy it, then great - otherwise, no sweat :)

      Glad you like the design as well!

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