If you’re subscribed to the RSS feed then you will likely have noticed that Binary Joy has come back. I don’t know how long I will post about video games here, but I have recently been noticing an increasing number of games that interest me, so I thought I would start writing about them once more.

Add to that a new design, a modification of my premium WordPress theme called Byline, and the site has a fresh new look that will fit right into this modern internet age.

If anyone wants to write for the site then please just let me know and I will see how things go.


A keen video gamer and web developer I have been making games and designing websites for many years. Binary Joy is the combination of my two passions.

You can also see me on my personal website, Binary Moon, and try my games from my online game store, Binary Sun


  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading your feed & posts, but you were updating quite heavily for a long time, so I understand if you needed a break. =) Glad you’ve been getting interested again tho! Like the theme too.

    I wish I was as hardcore about games as I used to be… then I might write, but these days I only know what I happen to see on my feed or a couple review sites.

    • Previously I was really interested in writing to try and build a massive website that everyone would visit, but now I am just writing about the things I enjoy. If others enjoy it, then great – otherwise, no sweat 🙂

      Glad you like the design as well!