WordsWorth is a word based puzzle game for Apple devices. First released on iOS in December 2008, WordsWorth has seen a series of updates and is now on version 4. In March 2011 it was released on iPad, and in September 2012 it was released on the Mac OS.

WordsWorth features a variety of game modes – 3 single player, and some family and friends modes for multiplayer fun.

The basic gameplay is quite simple, you have to create words by linking letters from the gameboard with each other. The longer the word, the more points you get – with some letters worth more points than others.

The 3 game modes are Classic (find words until you can find words no more), Timed (finding words against the clock), and Tumble (find words to clear the board, don’t let it fill up!). There are also a number of multiplayer modes. One is asynchronous, you take your turn and then wait for your opponent to take theirs – with the highest score winning. If you don’t have any friends playing the game you can challenge a random gamer. You can also play head to head with

In gameplay terms WordsWorth is very simple. You just have to find the highest scoring word possible – added to this there’s special tiles that mix things up. These special tiles do things like give you extra points, allow you to use any letter, and if you’re unlucky run a countdown timer that could end the game if you don’t use the letter quickly enough.

To add some more depth the developers have added challenges and awards. Complete the challenges to win the awards. The challenges are things like ‘find three 5 letter words’ – they add a small amount to the game to encourage you to play more.

Whilst playing I found it awkward selecting the letters to create my words. The hardest part was deselecting the first letter so that I could change how the word starts. This was a particular issue when playing a head to head challenge.

Another problem is that the sound effects in the game do not use the device settings. I had the volume on my iPad set to the minimum yet the sounds always played unless I disabled them entirely in the game.

To be honest this game isn’t the sort of thing I would normally chose to play but I can see the appeal for people who like word games. With so many game modes to chose from there’s loads of possibilities. If you like options then WordsWorth is packed full of them so that you can play exactly the way you want.


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