I remember playing a lot of Time Crisis in the arcades when I was younger, it was brilliant, it was always a bit more expensive to play than other games, but was worth every penny. So, years later we now have Time Crisis on the iPhone and obviously there are two things missing, the light gun and the duck and cover foot pedal.

Time Crisis Strike Title

Namco have used the touch screen for shooting and the iPhone’s tilt mechanism for duck and cover to replace these features. In the arcades when you used the duck and cover you could see some of the enemies and plan your next shot or which enemy to hit first, the tilting of the iPhone screen means you lose sight of the play area briefly which makes it difficult to see what’s going on. and you really only end up using the tilt feature for reloading and not bother about taking cover.

Time Crisis Strike 1

Game play is solid and the on the rails gameplay is intact as you would expect, it looks and feels like Time Crisis of old. Tapping the enemies on screen to shoot them work as you would expect although some distant enemies are hard to hit but that is not really a big deal, saying that there is not really much strategy to it, and the game would be far too easy if it was not for the sheer rate of fire you come under as you play through the game.

Time Crisis Strike 2

There are 3 game play modes, Arcade (story mode) which there are only three levels, One Stage Trial, which lets you play either of the three levels once you have unlocked them and Crisis Mission which are mini missions which you complete one to unlock the next.

Overall the game is ok, even with the shortness of the game I don’t think it will grab your attention for a great deal of time, saying that I think fans of the original Time Crisis may like it but nothing can replace the arcade experience which made these games popular in the first place.

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