Rebound Lost Worlds – Recharged is downloadable a bat ‘n’ ball game (Arkanoid clone) for PCs made by Reflexive Arcade. Strangely it’s called “Rebound” by Real Arcade and “Ricochet” by Reflexive, go figure. Anyway, it’s one of a series of similar games that started with Ricochet in 2001. Other games in the series are Ricochet Xtreme and Ricochet Lost Worlds. They are all pretty much the same, but with different levels, and are all very good.

Rebound Lost Worlds – Recharged costs $19.99 and has over 350 levels – so that’s around 5.7 cents per level! There are also over 7000 user created levels that you can download here.

Lost Worlds RechargedIt’s pretty much a standard breakout game i.e. move the bat to hit the ball to smash the blocks and get power ups. You either like this sort of gameplay or you don’t – I do…lots. The first game I played like this was a really simple BASIC game that came with my Spectrum 48K as an example of how to program.

Rebound Lost Worlds – Recharged has a kind of sub-game where you can collect golden rings on each level and when you get a certain amount you get an extra life. This adds a nice little extra challenge and makes you feel good when you get a new life. It also has the usual variety of power ups (and power downs) like guns, sticky bat, multi-ball etc. plus some different ones like acid ball and EMP bomb, to name but a few. The level layouts are very diverse and feature nice animated backgrounds, moving blocks, invincible blocks, exploding blocks etc. The graphics are very good, pre-rendered 3D, and the music and sounds are good as well. The game should run on non-3D card machines because it’s all software rendered – however, this does mean that it lacks a certain “bling” that some more modern games have (it was made in 2004.)

One thing I thought I mention is that I’m not sure the levels are sorted by difficulty because sometimes you just breeze through a level in under a minute (especially if you get the guns power up) and other levels take ages and you may loose a few lives. In fact, although initially I enjoyed it a lot, I’ve stopped playing it for this very reason. You see, the levels are unlocked every 10 levels, and I’ve reached a bunch of levels that I find quite hard and so I never quite manage to unlock the next 10. This puts me off playing as I don’t want to go back over the same old levels trying again and again to beat them because I’m a busy guy with not much free time. However, I wouldn’t let you put this off because perhaps I’m just lame at this game – plus I’m stubborn and refuse to select “Easy” mode. There are also other level packs in the game that I could play instead, but I haven’t got round to it yet…

Overall the Rebound/Ricochet games are really good, well made and fun and I totally recommend them – they are practically the “industry standard” now.


I'm an Indie game developer with a couple of titles under my belt. I've been programming for 23 years on a variety of platforms. Currently I'm using BlitzMax, which is great.


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