I wanted a Wii for so long. Originally I was planning to get one on launch day – the first time I would have done that for any console. Ever. However I took my girlfriend to Paris for her birthday and we left on launch day so I was out of luck. No worries I thought, I’ll get one in the new year, they’re bound to be in stock then. I was wrong!

Fast forward to April and, after a good 4 or 5 weeks of religiously checking Amazon every day, I finally managed to get my hands on a machine, and now I’m ready to let everybody know what I think.

The machine

The Nintendo Wii is a lovely little piece of hardware, it’s tiny and it looks great. The controllers are nice and sturdy and have a decent weight to them. There has been lots of talk online from people about how they get tired playing games with the Wii but so far I have no complaints. There was some soreness after a particularly strenuous bout of Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling, but it was no worse than after exercise, and I see this as a good thing. Anything that makes me fitter, whilst playing video games can’t be bad.

The machine is very easy to setup and use as well. Everybody who has seen and played on it has been able to grasp the simple controls in no time at all. It’s been well publicised that the Nintendo Wii is meant for everybody, and it shows.


I’m really enjoying the channels system they have developed. A couple of times a week I check the weather, and if I am bored or have a few moments to spare I catch up on the latest news. Of course I could do these on the pc/ internet as well but it’s just so much nicer to sit on the sofa and do these things rather than boot the pc, and do things there.

Special mention should go to the internet channel as well. I’m loving it. I have now gotten into the habit of checking my email, on the Wii, every morning before I go to work. Again, I could do this on the pc, but loading the Wii is so much quicker, and for simple browsing the internet channel is perfect.

I haven’t yet made use of the Virtual Console. I do have some Wii points but at the moment there are no games that grab my fancy. I’ve heard rumours of a new games channel which will bring new downloadable games to the Wii, in a similar way to the XBox Live Arcade, and when that happens I think I will be a lot more likely to part with my points.

Wii Miis

I’m not as overjoyed with these as other people seem to be, I’ve created Miis for my girlfriend and I, but then I haven’t really looked at it since. However I do think they’re a great idea and I hope that Nintendo continues to use them in future games, and also that they open them up to the general game development community so that we can see them in other companies games. There is a lot of potential hidden in these little characters and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

Wii Sports

I think Wii Sports deserves a review all of it’s own. Suffice to say – I enjoy it!


I think the Wii is a more than worthwhile purchase and I’m really pleased that I persisted and eventually got one. The lack of decent games at the moment is a small worry, but there are loads of first party, and a few third party games on the horizon and they’re looking good so hopefully it won’t last long. The lack of graphical horsepower should also get a mention, although I hope it encourages people to do things differently (Okami, ICO, and Katamari Damacy are good examples of what I mean) – and, provided new games get released, I really don’t think it will hurt the system in the long term.


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  2. It’s kind of funny how much my mom and my aunts love the system. They’re making sure that we pick it up from my brother in Dallas so that they can play at home; it really is a console for the whole family. I love it! 😀

  3. Bicuitrat – You’re right. I’ve had loads of people play mine and they all love it 🙂

    Owen – Actually the first multiplayer game, Mario Strikers, is now available (in the UK at least). It’s supposed to be pretty good as well.

    Long – I sent you my Wii code a while ago. Mail me yours and I’ll send you mine when I get home tomorrow 🙂

  4. There is actually one game out at least for internet gaming – Mario Strikers. And it is *pause for breath* SO much fun.

    Great article, surfing the net for the first time was very funny, especially navigation your own website. You should try it.

  5. Hehe I love the wii I got it for Christmas! I love it so much it is way bettre than the ps2 stuff. I never play my ps2 any more cause of it >=O.

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  10. the wii rocks! I’ll never get bored! go 2 CEX they have awesome games i traded in my DS games there 2 games 4 £31 in-store credit!

  11. please tell me where i can find a walkthrough for chronicles of narnia prince caspian. it is such a fun game but it looks like i am the only that likes it. i can’t believe they didn’t make a book for it. they made game walkthroughs for ps2 and ebox 360 and i think pc. are any of those compatible to the wii system? sometimes 2 systems are made the same. i can’t find susans bow. how can i find help for this game? thank you for your time and God Bless you stephanie