Small, sleek and sexy. No I`m not talking about the Sony PSP but rather the new Nintendo DS Lite.

As one of the few people who actually appreciated the retro look of the original DS I was a little apprehensive about whether or not to actually go and buy what I suspected was just a simple facelift but let me tell you, I`m sure glad that I did.

The old chunky, almost cumbersome look of the original has been replaced completely by a far more elegant looking system that has an Apple-esque feel to it with its sleek lines and glossy paint finish. This smooth new look is carried through further with the addition of a GBA filter cartridge which sits in the GBA slot when it is not in use to avoid any sharp looking edges. Along with a few other sensible adjustments to aid ease of use the DS Lite really is a thing of beauty.

The unit itself is much easier to hold due to the redistribution of weight onto the lower screen instead of the previous top heavy feeling and is much more comfortable to use during extended hours of play. The battery life has been extended and the screens are now far more vibrant than before. Even when the unit is tilted they retain their full crystal clear clarity unlike the originals which often looked dull and blurry at extreme angles. With four new brightness levels to choose from, the images on the screens are so sharp that it’s impossible not to be impressed. Your games will be given a new lease of life displaying colours that you didn`t even know existed and on full brightness you eyes could quite easily burst!

All in all the original DS was a great piece of kit with some truly classic games that was being held back only by its looks, well now this is no longer an issue. The improvements that have been made are far more than just cosmetic ones and make the system well worth the asking price. The Nintendo DS is now truly a force to be reckoned with.


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  1. I’ve got one now too and I gotta say it’s pretty sweet on first appearances. Sleek, wireless, long battery life, clear screen, stylus works well, and just Nintendo coolness.

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  3. Oh btw, mine’s pink as it was the only one left in the shop with the deal I wanted! My son said he didn’t want it, so I said, “That’s OK, it’s mine and I don’t mind a pink one, you can just borrow it when you feel like and tell your friends it’s your dad’s if you like” and this seemed OK with him. Oh the fussyness of 6 year olds!