Master of Defense has interested me since the day I first heard about it. It is a defend your base type game that is, apparently, not dissimilar to one of the scenario gametypes in Blizzards Warcraft 3.

The objective is to defend your city (hiding elusively off the bottom of the screen) from a series of monsters. To do this you have to build defensive towers along the road they travel. These towers can be upgraded from puny little turrets to immense powerful fortresses of death.

masterofdefense 3There are a variety of towers that have different strengths against different foes (land and air based) – with additional towers that are unlocked through the leveling up system. After each wave of enemies ends you get gold and points. The points can be spent on various things to improve your cities defenses or abilities.

The game has elements of real time strategy mixed with management games, and is very much about tactics. Getting a perfect score on each level is a massive challenge.

masterofdefense 1The game looks wonderful, especially considering it is an indie effort. It is also very easy to pick up and play with no major learning curve and easy to follow instructions provided when required.

There are only 6 levels, each with it’s own unique environment, but each of these levels contain 25 waves of enemies, and they get VERY hard indeed – especially if you are going for the elusive perfect score.

masterofdefense 2To go with the 6 levels are 2 game modes. The first is a traditional style game – complete a level and move onto the next – but the second, Survival, is a points based game. The object of Survival is simply to survive. It starts easy enough but builds up quickly so that you have to constantly build and upgrade towers to fight off the hordes of enemies that threaten to overwhelm you.

One cool part of the game is the online hi-scores. Master of Defense is totally single player but you can take your highest scores and post them to an online hi-score board (all done in game) and then compare your scores with others and see where you lie in the world ranking. A nice little feature to add extra depth to the game.

masterofdefense 6The only downside to the game is the length. I found it fairly easy to beat (I am VERY good though… which probably helps 🙂 ) – but have also found myself going back to it to try and complete each level perfectly. It is also strangely addictive and while it lasts is hugely enjoyable – and that’s all I really care about!


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  1. That’s only a downside if you have a mac and since Mac’s are well known for being a bit shabby when it comes to games I don’t think that’s a major point. In fact most games we feature on here are limited to a single format (pc, or some console or other). Sorry if that disappoints you.

  2. het kutluillen leuk hoot maar wel moeilijk hoor ik zit met mijn piemel in haar plasser van mijn vriendinetje aah ;ekker sorry maar goed leuk spel ,aar kom niet verder dan de 3 level!!!

  3. Actually there are plenty of downsides.
    1. There are only 4 towers and one ground trap.
    2. When you learn to build the ice tower, game over. You can just choke any level.
    3. There are only 6 level.
    4. The blimp should be upgradable.
    5. No widescreen resolutions, the game was made in 2006
    6. Repeatable monsters, you see banshees, spiders and all other mobs over and over again.
    7. It’s too easy.

    I guess the reviewer didn’t play many TD games at all.
    2/10 at most.