I must have played Heavy Weapon over 2 years ago now, but I always wanted to write a review of it because it’s great!

It’s a retro style game that reminds me of a classic arcade game called Silkworm, which I thoroughly enjoyed on the Amiga in my teenage years. Basically it’s a side scroller where you control a tank (with the mouse) and have to blow up an assortment of airborne enemies and the occasional ground based vehicle too.

HeavyWeapon1At first it’s easy to play, but it soon becomes pretty damn hard and you need the reflexes of a teenager on amphetamines. However, I enjoyed the challenge up until about level 12 where I stopped playing. There are 19 levels in all. This might not sound like many but you’ll be replaying them a lot trying to beat them.

You can upgrade 6 different weapon types (which all fire at once!) including guns, lasers, rockets etc. You can also get protective orbs that circle your tank and during each level you pick up “mega weapon” parts. When the mega weapon is ready you can unleash some serious firepower for a short period of time. Oh and you also have nukes of course 😉

HeavyWeapon2It’s pretty important to learn the different types of enemies and what waves they appear in to be able to complete a level. Also each level has a boss (as is expected!) The game is pretty funny, for example the levels have names like “vodkavania” and “antagonistan”.

Graphics are well polished with lots of nice effects and the sound and music are appropriate. I highly recommend you try this game out. You’ll have loads of fun just playing the hour demo, although I ended up buying it because I needed MORE!

I’m giving it 4.5 stars because it was so addictive and so much fun at first. Perhaps it could be marked down to 4 stars for being too tough later on as I wish it was a little easier and I could actually complete the game, oh well, maybe you’ll have better luck.


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