If ever there was a game that was like playing an action movie – Disaster: Day of Crisis is it.

From the start things are non-stop. Load the game and you’re given a movie trailer style intro. Start a new game and you’re hit with an action filled cut scene. In fact cutscenes are one thing Disaster: Day of Crisis isn’t short of – there are loads of them… However unlike many videogame cutscenes these ones are interesting (apart from one or two exceptions).

45130 DD Wii P10 05 psd jpgcopySomething else Disaster: Day of Crisis isn’t short of is gameplay modes. There are three main gameplay types – with about 20 smaller ones scattered around. The main modes are a slightly old fashioned platform game, where you have to rescue people; a rather challenging, and unforgiving, driving mode; and a time crisis style shooting section. Then there’s the other modes which are generally used as different methods of saving people; washing and binding wounds, performing cpr, lifting heavy objects off of people, frantically running away from stuff… the list goes on and on.

45065 A C i01 psd jpgcopyDisaster: Day of Crisis really wants to be an early 90’s action movie. The cut scenes and dialogue (including cheesy 1 liners) all remind me of the time when Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger were the number 1 movie stars.

45120 DD Wii P25 01 psd jpgcopyAt the same time though it revels in the fact that it’s a game. There are crates and barrels spread liberally around the world and within them you will often find crazy oversized burgers and water melons – used to boost the heroes health and stamina.

45125 DD Wii P19 04 psd jpgcopyThe story in Disaster: Day of Crisis is an insane combination of every disaster movie from the last 20 years. Straight away you’re dropped into a rescue at a volcanic eruption, and later have to survive tsunamis (2 of them), earthquakes, and even an attack by a bear!

45081 DD Wii P21 02 psd jpgcopyVisually speaking Disaster: Day of Crisis has is clearly not an XBox 360, or PS3 game – but at the same time it’s no slouch. There are a lot of particle, fire, and water effects being thrown around and they all give exactly the right atmospheric feeling. On top of that there’s clearly been a lot of care and attention lavished on the cut scenes, in my opinion they are some of the best I’ve seen in this sort of game – and some are even interactive.

disaster day of crisis screens 20080118040034094As long as you can get past the first couple of slightly dodgy tutorial levels, and as long as you can take everything as a light hearted adventure then you will find that there’s a lot to enjoy. I certainly enjoyed playing through it, and now I have to play it again to try and unlock some of the many many collectable items.


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