Chocolate Castle is a fine little game from Lexaloffle, a developer who clearly loves what he does. Joseph, at least from what I can see, make the games he wants to play.

There is something endearing about Lexaloffles games. The care and attention lavished on them is wonderful and even extends to the website – where you can get recipes for various chocolate based sweets – including choccie sushi!

Chocolate Castle is a very simple game… in theory. Move the tasty chocolate morsels to their similarly coloured partners then let the likewise coloured creature feast. The chocolate sticks together in different shapes and formations, and there are sometimes obstacles in the way slowing your progress – but there is always a way around.

choccieCastle1Chocolate Castle is one of those games that looks deceptively simple on the outside, hiding it’s intricate complexities behind tasty layers of cute clean graphics and a simple control scheme. Once you get past the first 10 or 20 levels though it gets very challenging – fiendish even. As you progress new obstacles are introduced, with their properties varying considerably. From the more “mundane” sweet, such as exploding candy, through the ice sweets that keep on sliding, to the slightly scary snake that uses up all the space – they all add extra puzzling challenges.

choccieCastle2Despite the variety the game never feels overwhelming, with the ability to play any level at any time, you can always go back to the ones you have yet to complete. The castle “map” helps you to keep track of the rooms you have beaten by lighting their windows as you complete each room. Chocolate Castle saves your progress as you go so there is no need to worry that you might lose anything.

choccieCastle3The easy levels only took me an hour or so to finish… the medium levels take longer. The hard… I’ll let you know when (if?) I finish them.

The small features in the game are what make it shine, for example the way the balloons interact with the mouse cursor at the end of the level are totally pointless but also very satisfying.

choccieCastle4It would have been nice if there was a little more animation of the characters in the game, giving them some additional personality. Moving objects around is a touch too quick as well, some easing would make things feel a little more organic and less industrial – I suspect this is the sort of feature that’s easier written than developed though!

All in all Chocolate Castle is a charming little game giving your brain a real work out. The presentation and small touches really help turn the game from an “ok” to an “awesome”.


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