Airstrike 2: Gulf Thunder is basically the same as Aistrike2, just with different levels. But that’s OK, because Airstrike 2 was pretty good fun and so is this game. For more detail check out my Airstrike 2 review here.

Anyway, they’ve removed the annoying pop-up plot window that no one cared about (although it does reappear on level 10 and probably on level 24), and there doesn’t seem to be many bosses; well I saw one on level 10 and then got all the way to level 23 without seeing another one. This doesn’t bother me much as the main fun is in playing the game, not fighting silly tough bosses. Level 23 isn’t the last level by the way, I just stopped playing it then as I was getting a bit tired (I just found out that its got 24 levels, and there’s two bosses, so no guesses as to which level the second boss is on). It only took me 1.5 hours to get that far, and now I can’t play it any more because it was a 60 minute Real Arcade demo which doesn’t actually boot you out of the game when the time limit expires – so uh maybe you should try to play it all in one sitting as well because it’s pretty good for a 1-2 hour free blast J (Maybe, as a fellow game developer I shouldn’t encourage that…)

Airstrike 2: Gulf ThunderIt features more of the same crazy firepower as Airstrike 2 except that most of it is given to you right at the start, cool. I found it pretty hard on level 3 (kept dying) then I cycled through my weapons and found an uber weapon and then it was pretty easy until past level 10 where it got a bit harder/hectic, but most of the time I actually had 5 lives. In Airstrike 2 I’m fairly sure there was a bit more ammo conservation, but in this one I just held the missile key down pretty much all of the time. The nukes and satellite strikes are good fun because they blow up buildings along with all the enemies. On most levels I got 100% kills and even got 102% once! (figure that one out).

as2gt shot212OK, it’s probably good value compared to the original because it has more levels. I still got a weird slowdown on levels 5 and 19 which was annoying, oh and the music is horrible and discordant all the way through, it was better in Airstrike 2 for sure. Also there is no save/resume option; you just quit and then manually restart later on the last level you played.

as2gt shot708Because this game is pretty much the same as Airstrike 2, I’m gonna give it the same score, and still recommend it, because it’s pretty good fun in a hectic over-the-top helicopter shooter-type way.


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