I know I’m about a year behind everyone else, but I’m having great fun right now playing Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii with my boys. We probably haven’t got too far but it’s been good fun so far. I like the twilight worlds and being a dog (although it can get a tiny bit samey) and the light world is nicely done (although a bit low on polygons, but I guess that’s a Wii hardware issue). The use of Wii controls is interesting and fun (however, I got stuck for ages on the fishing quest, grr). There does seem to be a bit too much backtracking and reuse of existing locations through, and the game is somewhat linear (but maybe I like that).

Anyway, today I had a brilliant time on the horse. A giant goblin on a massive boar kidnapped a kid and I had to chase it down on my horse and hack away at it whilst being chased by other baddies who were shooting me with arrows. This was really cool and exhilarating, I could really feel the tension! Then to cap it off I had a game of “chicken” with the goblin on a massive bridge over a chasm – it was like jousting. This was a really great bit of gaming that I won’t forget in a long time.



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  1. Zelda’s some good stuff right there 🙂

    Is this your first experience of the series of have you played others?

  2. The first one I played was Wind Waker (I never had SNES or N64) and I had the special edition that came with Ocarina of Time which was pretty neat but looking a bit dated. I’ve also got Hourglass for the DS which is great. I’m a “born again” fan in that I’ve only really discovered Zelda in the last 5 years or so.

  3. Jake » Ocarina does look dated now but I’d recommend giving it a go if you have some free time. IMO it’s one of the best of the series.

  4. Up until Twilight Princess, Ocarina was the pinnacle of the adventure game, it just had all the elements. What Twilight has done is taken all the best bits of the game and then added several more buckets of awesome on top. IMO the best Zelda game there is.

    And yeah, that fishing thing at the beginning got me too 😀

  5. Well what annoyed me about the fishing game is that my son, who is 7, did some moreorless random wii waving and completed it. Of course you have to do it TWICE, so I tried again for ages, then handed it to him and he completed it in 30 seconds, lol.

  6. Jake & Luke » It took me a while to get the fishing as well. It wasn’t until I was in the Zora domain trying to catch some fish or other that it finally clicked.