Who can say no to a new Zelda game? Could life be any better?

The gameplay has swapped boats for trains, and otherwise things look fairly familiar (ie totally awesome!).


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  1. Swapping boats for trains sums it up really… It looks like a really charming, beautiful game – but I think I am starting to get to the stage where I really need some new dynamics in Zelda.

    My cynicism is making me feel terrible believe me 🙁

  2. In some ways I agree – the game could do with being mixed up a bit, but I do feel that Zelda on the DS was quite a change from anything they had done before. I think it’s a challenge for Nintendo to do anything too new as people will then complain that it doesn’t feel like Zelda.

    Unfortunately Zelda is one of the few series I will buy regardless of quality or originality – and I finish them all as well!