I’m really enjoying my Xbox360 which I bought shortly after moving to Canada in November 2008. the XBox Live Arcade has some really great games on it that are inexpensive.

I’m particularly fond of coop games that I can play with my sons. I used to like coop games when I was a kid (Gauntlet anyone?) and also got really into coop FPS games when Doom and Hexen were new (played them via dial-up modem!), but then coop seemed to disappear from FPS games until it’s recent revival in games like Left 4 Dead.

castle crashers XBLA has some great Coop games that make use of two or more controllers. I recently completed Castle Crashers with my eldest son – it is a fantastic game. I plan to do a review soon, but basically I believe it to be the BEST side-scrolling beat ’em up that I’ve ever played. It gets quite tough but is full of variety and fun.

Also we had great fun completing Assault Heroes and are working our way through Assault Heroes 2 right now. They are a really good fun brainless blast. If they had come out in the 80s they would have been smash hits. Assault Heroes

SchizoidA couple of other coop games that I’ll check out soon are Schizoid, which is intriguing because you have to defend each other, and Mutant Storm Empire, which has a good fun demo.

If you can recommend any other decent coop games suitable for a 7-year old, please let me know! Thanks in advance.


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