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Screenies from an upcoming Nintendo DS game I had no idea existed surfaced today over at Jeuxfrance. Those Frenchies seem to get all the breakings Nintendo DS news.

Google translator tells me the game is called Ecoris. It’s a real-time strategy game supported by the Worldwide Wildlife Foundation, hence their sticker on the box. You play the role of forest animals whom are tasked with stopping some big, orange Totoro looking monster. The Stylus will be in heavy use since you can literally control armies of beavers, coons, and squirrels. And if the notion of attack squirrels doesn’t engage your salivary glands, how about 4-player co-op?

It comes out August 23, 2007 in Japan. No word yet on localization for us English speaking blokes but either way, I’m importing this game.

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  1. This looks quite bizarre, but also rather cool. Wonder if it will see an English release? I guess being on JeuxFrance it’s going to be more likely.

    I like the character images at the end of the post. They look very cute.