Unfortunately my entry to the Jayisgames competition, Roll, didn’t win. Even more unfortunately… I quite like the game that did win… so here it is – the winner… The Tall Stump.

The story for the Tall Stump is a classic tale of an evil wizard turning your girlfriend into a…um … square, and your quest to change her back to normal. Along the way you have to conquer your fears, whilst collecting different hats and avoiding box shaped dogs.

tallstumpThe Tall Stump is a puzzle based platform game. The puzzles mostly revolves around your platform jumping and ball shooting skills. The theme for the competition was ball physics and that’s where the gun comes in. The gun shoots yellow balls that bounce around the environment, and these are needed to light up different windows within the world. Light up these areas and doors are unlocked allowing you to progress.

It all sounds a touch bizarre, and that’s mainly because it is, but at the same time it has a charm that is often missing from games (my own included) and I wonder if this sense of personality is (one of) the reasons the game won the competition.

The controls are a little iffy at times, mostly on narrow platforms, and the minimal control over the gun can be frustrating, but these are minor complaints. The game is incredibly compelling and constantly changing – you never have the same challenge twice. All in all The Tall Stump is a great time waster and rather a challenging webgame for Wednesday Thursday.


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  1. Definitely one of the better casual games, though I don’t know if it’s *the* best. I spent a lot of my sleeping-time playing through it, I couldn’t help it, so that must count for something. 😛

    Hated that endgame magician though, he wouldn’t fall easily. But getting some sleep and resuming in the next morning help in the end. My Applehead saved the world!

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