TeaGames was set up a few years ago and, until last year when it was purchased by a gambling site who decided to add any old tat, features games exclusively developed by one person, David Thorburn.

David has a penchant for physics based games, with the majority of the games on offer featuring an element of physics gameplay. The most accomplished of these are the vehiclular ones, which started with BMX Backflips, and are (currently) rounded out with this weeks Webgame Wednesday – TG Motorcross 3.

tg moto1

TG Motorcross 3 is a bike game. The action is pure and simple, get your Motorcross bike across the increasingly difficult courses. However it’s far easier said than done. The bikes are very powerful (the sense of power being incredibly well done) and judging the speed required for the different jumps is a challenge in itself… as is landing after you make the jumps.

TG Motorcross 3 is a great little game for wasting ten minutes of your lunch (tea?) break and, combined with the many other games, TeaGames isn’t a bad way way to spend some time.


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