Anyone turned off by crappy graphics should leave now, Swinging Ball is not a looker.

What it is, is an incredibly solid, very enjoyable physics based platform game.

You control a red ball and have to move it to the exit of each level. Using the keyboard you can move the ball left and right. You can also shoot ropes at yellow objects using the mouse. When the rope comes into contact with the yellow shapes it will latch on and carry you with it. The physics then take over and you can throw yourself around the level to complete the increasingly challenging levels.

The tutorials are just that – and the easy levels are relatively straight forward, but beyond that you’re in for a treat – Swinging Ball is not easy to complete. Getting in your way are moving platforms and spikes (instant death awaits!).

I think the lack of appealing graphics is a shame. You get the impression the developer at least tried but it could have been done so much better with very little effort or artistic talent. Simply going down the Grid Wars vector graphics route would have been better. However look past the graphics and the game is very nice indeed.


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