Practice your sword skills against the massed hordes of enemy warriors.

Sounds pretty generic right? Straw Hat Samurai is anything but. To start with you control your character almost entirely with the mouse. Click and he walks to wherever you pointed. Move the mouse to the right to scroll the screen to the right and left to scroll left. The sword fighting is where it gets interesting though.

To fight you have to click and hold – then drag your mouse and draw the path of the sword. Your warrior will then fly through the air following the path you have laid down. The accuracy of your swipes gives different types of kills – head shots are served nicely here (and there’s an award for getting 100 of them on Kongregate).


On top of the main game there is a smaller game between levels. You start off moving around the world map clearing each area as you go. Eventually you will get to a fort where you have to beat a series of guards before storming a town. It’s at this stage that the games turns into a tiny game of Risk where you have to take controls of all areas of the map before attacking the head of the village to complete the game. The whole map game is quite simplistic but it adds a nice bit of variety to a game which, at that stage, is getting a little repetitive.

I love the stylings of Straw Hat Samurai. The whole thing has a very bold outlook with an oriental feel. The way the Samurai moves is very graceful and the fact you don’t see him fight adds to the effortlessness of the combat. It makes it feel very much like a classic martial arts film and makes the game all the better for it.


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