Physics based ball games are great (I made one called Roll, it’s also great) and so I really enjoy Scriball.

Scriball is one of those games that is hard, infuriatingly so at times, but is also always your fault if you die. You don’t fail at Scriball because of the controls, but because you are rubbish at the game. Yes it’s punishing, but thankfully you always feel like you can do it if you try again. It’s one of those “one more try” games, something that’s well known to eat up a lunch break at work.

The graphics in Scriball are functional at best and the menus use Flash’s built in interface controls (ie they look horrible) but none of this detracts from the equally simple gameplay. Scriball takes simple cues from Line Rider. You move the mouse, and a rope like line follows, and this is what the ball collides with. You can also jump with a click of the mouse.

The objective is to get to the green dot, only there are mines in the way – and later on you will find you also have to collect all the blue balls before the green ball activates. No doubt there are other even more dastardly obstructions in even later levels but I had to stop playing to write this – I’ll go back to the game in the minute.

The simplicity of the game extends to the lives scheme – there is none. If you die you just start again. There are also no points, the only reward is another, more challenging, level.

I don’t know how many levels there are but so far I have played through at least 40, and they keep on coming so I suspect it will keep you quiet for a while.


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