As a break from developing Machinarium (and presumably to make some cash) Amanita design have gone and made a brand new game for the BBC.

Called Questionaut the game follows a young man on a tiny adventure to rescue his friends hat. Along the way you have to solve a variety of puzzles, and answer a series of questions about various educational subjects.

The game is wonderfully drawn and animated and the overall feeling is one of happiness and joy. The puzzles themselves are relatively straight forward, as are the questions. The questions start easy and get harder, although most adults should have very few problems – the target audience will likely have more.



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  1. On this Questionaut game, I have tried it with my class and on Stage 8 I have found difficulties trying to access the questions. I have asked all the people that I know and none of them have succeeded. I too have tries by myself and have too not succeeded. If you have any answers to this question, I am very grateful.
    Thank You!!