Pest Control is a very simple game from the folks over at Nitrome. It’s also very addictive, you can easily waste an afternoon trying to squash all those damn bugs.

The objective… well I’ve already told you. Squish the bugs under your fly swatter. Be careful to avoid their stingers though.

The basic premise is simple, it’s the sort of whack ‘a mole game you’ve seen a thousand times before. However what starts off as easy becomes increasingly more and more difficult until, eventually, you will be tearing your hair out in frustration… especially on the firefly level.

pest control

The biggest problem with the game is actually the difficulty balance. Some of the objectives are a challenge to work out on their own. Smashing a snails shell should be easy and it takes some time to realise just how to do it. The aforementioned firefly level is also an excerise in sadism – you can only knock them out when they’re lit up. Hit a dark one and you lose health – the problem is that they seem to turn off randomly with no warning so you regularly, unfairly, lose.

It’s well worth a try though, so give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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