Monsters’ Den: Book of Dread is a Dungeon Crawl RPG. The first time I played it I was less than impressed. You have to move from room to room fighting monsters until you find the exit, but moving takes seconds, and the combat is done though menus with little movement to keep you entertained.

The thing is, it looks presentable, and is superficially quite plain, but you won’t really appreciate this until two hours after you start – when you finally realise what the time is and that you should be doing some work or something else that’s actually important.

To paraphrase one of the commenters on the game page…

How is it possible to have so much fun doing essentially nothing?

The game involves fighting monsters and hunting treasure in order to upgrade your group of warriors, magicians and healers (standard gaming/ fantasy classes). Each type of character has different abilities and can upgrade different skills – so you have to chose wisely to create the most efficient team.

Generally I’d post a screenshot for these game but I don’t think it’s worth it for Monsters’ Den – you’ll just have to trust me and have a play for yourself.


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  1. I’ve spent a good couple of days playing this game, it’s pretty phenomenal that you can get so much out of such a stripped down game. Warning: Never play at work, it’s deadly!

  2. Luke » You’re right – it seems a bit rubbish to start with but once you get going it’s very easy to get sucked in 🙂