Enter a world of pain and suffering. Fear the robot overlords as you are Hunted Forever.

Hunted Forever is a stylised platform game. It’s made by the same people who made Towering Forever and features a similar platform engine. This time, however, the emphasis is on platforming as opposed to strategy.

You control a small man who has to run around what has to be one of the largest single level environments I have seen in any 2d games (or 3d for that matter) ever. It looks like the game is one big level object, and the different levels are even distinguishable based upon their decoration.

Your objective is to get all of the machine parts back to the base, whilst running and jumping around the massive world, avoiding the increasingly challenging rockets that are being fired at you, almost from point blank range, by a slightly psycopathic robot flying saucer thing.

Hunted Forever clearly attended the Portal school of storytelling, giving a constant stream of abuse to the player as they run around the game level.

Like all good games these days Hunted Forever has a store where you can repair yourself and upgrade your weapons and other abilities.

Hunted Forever is great fun… until that pesky flying saucers stream of bullets becomes a full blown downpour of death.


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