A couple of years ago Nitrome came out of nowhere, they made games with original concepts and high production values. Unfortunately their recent output has become a bit stale – but the last few games have been climbing back on top and this weeks Wengame Wednesday is a sequel to one of my faves of their earlier games.

Frost Bite 2 is an action based platform game. You are an ice climber with a grappling hook and you have to climb to the top of increasingly challenging mountains. You can use your grappling hook for a multitude of tasks – the most common are climbing to higher ledges and grabbing collectable items – but occasionally you will need to press buttons, move objects and knock out “terrifying” creatures.

Frost Bite 2 is quite fast paced, and the grappling hook can be quite exhilarating once you get the hang of it. It can be quite a fun challenge to try to complete the early levels with the grappling hook only.


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  1. Nitrome did appear out of nowhere didn’t they? I just love their style, Frost Bite 2 is no different, just played a few levels at work, really enjoyed, I might delve in later on.