There are not many good shoot ’em ups made in Flash. Flash is notoriously slow when it comes to moving lots of objects around the screen at once so “proper” shoot ’em ups don’t happen very often.

is not a particularly attractive game, it’s not a retro styled game, it’s not a high budget game, or a casual game. What it is, is a surprisingly fun bullet riddled shoot ’em up… and there’s a lot of bullets in there.

Frantic fuses the best elements of different era’s of the shoot ’em up genre. The core game is very retro “shoot lots of stuff”, whilst there are more casual leanings such as adding an energy bar, and letting people choose the control method. There are then the increasingly popular rpg store elements whereby you can upgrade the different statistics of your ship. The shooting is also automatic so all you have to concentrate on is dodging bullets – nice and simple and a lot of fun, which is particularly surprising when you consider that I’ve never been a big fan of shoot ’em ups (mostly because I am not very good at them).

Frantic is a nice introduction to bullet hell games for those who like there games to be a little less demanding.


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