Boxhead: More Rooms is a room based shoot em up.

It has a stylistically simple visual aesthetic which I really like. The gameplay too, is very simple. Shoot the zombies, and occasional Demons – these are the only two enemies.

boxheadThe bit that makes this game great is the weapons. There are a series of weapons that you progressively unlock. You start with a pistol and slowly work your way up to a rocket launcher… and beyond. The unlocking is done through a simple combo system. Kill enemies and the combo goes up… and then counts down to 0. Kill the enemies quickly enough and the combo count will keep rising. The weapons are upgraded in stages so not only do you unlock new weapons but your exiting weapons improve their stats. The ammo will and fire rate will increase and, get far enough, and the weapons themselves will become altered (semi automatic shotgun anyone?).

On top of the whole upgrades system the weapons themselves aren’t your usual collection. Sure some are the same (pistol, uzi, shotgun etc) but you also get the use of barrel (which explode when shot), walls (which act as obstacles) and mines.


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