5 differences is a spot the difference game. In some ways it’s a step back from the Hidden Object games that have become so popular in recent years, however it is also perfectly simple in it’s beauty and execution.

The game is essentially the same as those spot the difference puzzles you see in magazines and comics, except it’s in Flash. The reason this one works so well is that the images are incredibly well drawn and animated and, perhaps more importantly, appear deceptively simple to solve.


There are only 5 differences on each image (hence the name) and you should be able to get through the game in about half an hour, and complete the game you will. As I mentioned the images are incredibly simple, and this alone makes you want to find all the differences.

Some of the puzzles are pretty sneaky, but there’s only 5 differences so it can’t be that hard… right?


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  1. Haha, no matter what game it is– be it a puzzle like this, or an arcade blaster– Webgame Wednesday never fails to disappoint me. 🙂 Nice find!