Practice the art of a ninja, creep silently, strike and then vanish into the shadows… or do what I did and just run at the bad guys swinging your sword and hope for the best.

Ninja Rinseout lets you play the game in whatever way you prefer, but it IS unforgiving – those samurai are quick with their swords, and if you time things right then stealth can be a big help – it’s worth at least considering 🙂


The controls in the game are a little funky, jumping will always move you forwards and the run looks a little funny but the ability to run up walls makes up for that. The instant deaths are slightly annoying but the restarts are also almost instant, and each area is a single screen so there’s little back tracking if something goes horribly wrong.

Ninja Rinseout is a pretty cool game and well worth the 5 minutes it takes to complete it. Of course if you play the way I do then you’ll have to play it again to improve your rating so that you don’t look like a total numpty.


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