On (from Eyezmaze) continues his obsession with naming things “Something ver.#” with his latest release : Applicate ver.0.

Applicate is a confusing little puzzle game involving 1 eyed apples trying to escape your incessant apple eating. Click an apple to take a bite and turn it into a piece of waste (or a wall/ floor block). Clicking the apple will also drop a new apple from the constantly moving arrows current position. You can then click the new apple to drop another.

applicateDrop a new apple on an uneaten apple and it will mutate into a one eyed walking apple, which you must then guide to the doorway, which will take you to freedom, and the next level.

A simple concept, with simple graphics – Applicate ver.0 is initially a little confusing but once you get going is easy to move along with. Unfortunately there are only 5 levels, so it doesn’t take long to finish. Hopefully this will be adjusted in a future version.


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