Wall-E is coming. Anyone who reads my personal blog will know I’m really looking forward to the next film from Pixar, and based upon this first video – the game looks to be pretty good too!

Obviously we’re not talking Super Mario, or Zelda style good, but simplistic platforming fun from a format which is generally expected to be dreadful can’t be a bad thing right?

I am a little surprised that they managed to get a jump move in there (strange for a robot on caterpillar tracks no?) but it seems to work well. This is also some gameplay variation with Wall-E turning into a small rolling cube for some sections.

As well as playing as the titular Wall-E you get to control his love interest Eve, who has a completely different set of moves (she shoots and flies).

This game is clearly aimed at kids but with 10 environments and both single and multiplayer (co-op?) modes it looks like there will, hopefully, be enough variation for the more childish of us from amongst the older generations.

Visually the game is a step above the average movie based platformer with various effects and lots of details.

Wall-E is coming out on every platform under the sun (as all “good” movie tie ins do) and is due for release towards the end of this month.


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