Media Molecule – the developers behind the very popular game, Little Big Planet, announced their latest game on their blog yesterday. It’s called Tearaway and is going to be available exclusively on the Playstation Vita.

The game has been designed to take advantage of the unique hardware on the Vita – and it does look like a game changing title with some nice creative ideas. The way the touch panel on the back of the game is used is a particularly nice example of their creativity.

Tearaway shares some elements of Little Big Planet in terms of creating things – but they haven’t explained how yet. What they have shared, however, is a very elaborately designed world that looks a joy to interact with.

Check out the end of the video as well – I do like the idea that the game creates things that you can print out and then make yourself. Very creative and ties nicely into the papery world.

Unfortunately I don’t think Tearaway is enough of an incentive for me to buy a PS Vita. Whilst I would love one of every console I just can’t justify the purchase for a single game.


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