It’s been a long time in the making but Tank Universal has finally been released!

In the words of the author: “Tank Universal is a 3d tank combat game (single player), set in a Tron like universe. 18 levels, huge battles, big explosions, nuff said”

The game is made in Blitz3D and is really spectacular looking. It’s not often a 3D Indie game of such caliber comes along so please check it out.

tank universal tank universal 2


I'm an Indie game developer with a couple of titles under my belt. I've been programming for 23 years on a variety of platforms. Currently I'm using BlitzMax, which is great.


  1. Author’s note:

    A new demo has been compiled and made available for those with limited bandwidth.

    This a much smaller version (36megs), which will let you get a fine idea of the gameplay.

    I have to say, this game is receiving some excellent player feedback;

    ‘Absolutely fantastic – the sense of being a single unit (albeit a very important one) within a larger battle is very well done.’

    ‘the levels are huge and the number of friendly and enemy units fighting each other is very impressive.’

    …so give the demo a try to see what the buzz is about!

  2. Hi Phil – it’s great to see you’re being so persistent with this game. I remember the early posts over at when you first started out (how many years ago was it?). I really hope it’s doing well for you.