Ok – Technically what I posted above isn’t true but Kotaku have found some research that Dr Kawashima – he of the Nintendo’s “Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day” game – did that said…

There is a problem we will have with a new generation of children — who play computer games — that we have never seen before.

The implications are very serious for an increasingly violent society and these students will be doing more and more bad things if they are playing games and not doing other things like reading aloud or learning arithmetic.

Nintendo were contacted and replied with…

Brain Age is designed specifically to let players use the portions of their brains that were shown to be inhibited when people played only certain kinds of games excessively. As everyone knows, doing anything excessively is typically not good for you. Dr. Kawashima’s brain-research expertise demonstrates that Nintendo has partnered with the right person to help make Brain Age as creative and as stimulating as possible.


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