Just got an email from Matt at Shmup-Dev about his latest Shooter competition. The rules are simple – make a 2D shoot ’em up (that’s how I’ve always written it!) with some kind of auto-fire feature. The competition ends on 1st Jan 2007. This probably means that a whole bunch of programmers will be busting their guts trying to get their games ready all over the Christmas and New Year period (not fun – been there done that.)

There are loads of prizes, the top one being $250 dollars + loads of free games and advertising on gametunnel – nice. The runner up prizes are pretty cool too.

The last competition was based around dragons, and whilst it was good to have a clear theme, I think that it put a lot of developers off. However, this competition should be big success because the rules allow pretty much any type of game, and developers have 4 months to complete them. This should mean that we can check out some seriously cool free games in January.


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