Thos eo fyou with a long memory or a penchant for classic Sega games will remember that Nights for the Sega Saturn had some seasonal extras (snow and presents at Christmas for example) – I’ve always thought more games should add things like this, it makes things so much more interesting.

Anyway, Sega have now come out and said what the extra will be for the forthcoming Nights on the Wii.

  • January – It’s New Year’s celebration time, with Nightopians setting off a display of fireworks once every hour at midnight on January 01.
  • February – It’s New Year’s time again, but this time to celebrate it with a sixth of the world’s population living in China. Dragon costumes and firecrackers are the order of the day.
  • March – A month of carnivals, full of mask-wearing shenanigans.
  • April – April is deemed a month in which the Nightopians show off their passionate side, donning Flamenco-inspired roses.
  • May – The Japanese people celebrate the Boys’ festival on May 05 of every year, and so will your Nightopians, by flying a carp streamer.
  • June – In keeping with the tradition for June weddings, gamers’ A-LIFE will appear sporting bunches or baskets of flowers.
  • July – It’s Bull-Running festival time in July, so expect to see your Nightopians sporting armour and red capes.
  • August – Rather inexplicably August is a month for music, SEGA explaining that your Nightopians will appear to show off their instrumental talents.
  • September – To commemorate the passing from Summer into Autumn, the A-LIFE will appear with full moon paper fans.
  • October – Throughout the month Nightopians will carry pumpkin lanterns, as well as dressing up as witches for the big day, Halloween itself.
  • November – A month filled with autumn leaves and fruit to celebrate a nationality-free Thanksgiving.
  • December – The busiest month for Nightopians. As well as dressing up as Santa and sitting under Christmas trees, your virtual friends can be seen letting off fireworks, wearing a tricorn and carrying cake. On Christmas Eve and Christmas day, the A-LIFE will sing you a Christmas song.


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