Rock Solid Arcade have just released Robokill, a frantic overhead robot shooter in the vein of Alien Breed and Crimsonland.

It’s an online Flash game with great graphics and a cool retro feel. It’s got 3 episodes spanning 10 levels and I just had great fun blasting through the first three levels. The full game can be unlocked for only $9.95.

The premise is nice and simple, destroy all the robots in each room and complete the goal on each level. A level is made up of quite a few rooms which you can view with your handy map; the map also allows you to teleport to key locations. The “room” approach is quite retro in itself – reminds me of many old “flip-screen” games. Along the way you’ll pick up keys, money, weapons and armor, and of course you’ll blow up crates with stuff in. There are also shops where you can buy more firepower and protection.

It’s got a bit of an RPG feel about it because your robot gains experience points and levels and you can only use certain weapons when you reach a specific level. Also some of the weapons have special abilities like knockback, freeze and rapid fire. You can actually equip your robot with 4 weapons so it’s pretty good fun working out the best combination (ooh shall I put the grenade launcher there or the heavy shotgun?) 🙂

Anyway, it’s very well produced as are all games by this company, and it’s addictive and fun, so I recommend that you give it a go!



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  1. That’s a really nice game – I was going to save it for a webgame wednedsay 🙂 Spent a good hour or so playing the free version last night.