I first heard about ‘The Game’ on Sony’s Playstation Blog, and it seemed like a very interesting concept; You choose to join one of two teams, simply named Team A or Team B. Once you have picked a team, you can get straight into the action and take part in challenges which consist of mini-games, and multiply choice quizzes, as well as creating challenges for other people to play.

From playing these challenges, you can earn points for your chosen team, so the more you play, the more points you can earn for you team and the better a chance your team can win the round. You can also earn points but creating challenges, and earn more points by people playing the challenges you have created.

There are four rounds in total with each round lasting 3 months and when a new round starts the points start from zero again. The Game is currently in Round 2… with Team B currently in the lead.

The teams consist people all around the work taking part in challenges and there are Facebook Fan Pages where each teams can discuss strategies and challenges, as well as use a Facebook App to customize your photos to look like you and your friends are wearing the Kit belonging to your team. The Facebook fan page also allows you to nominate yourself Team Leader, the Team Leader changes every week which gives more players the chance to lead the team to victory.

Worldwide Stats

This all adds up to a big community game with lots of rivalry, and lots of fun games and challenges to play, Sign up is very easy, and it’s free to join, so I would recommend signing up and taking part in this huge competition for bragging rights and rewards which are given out at the end of each round to the winning team and consist of various digital goodies.

I joined Team A, which team will you join?