Lot’s of people have commented on how the control system for the Wii in First Person Shooters, like Red Steel and Call of Duty 3, are a bit funky. These games let you move the cursor around freely within a bounding box, only turning when you get to the outsides of this central rectangle. This has caused some to comment since they are used to the traditional pc method of locking the viewport to the cursor.

Well apparently Call of Duty 3 has the “traditional” method built in, As shown in the movie below.

This debate about the control schemes interests me. The new bounding box mode that the games are using does actually make sense if you think about it. The bounding box method makes use of the Wiimote as a targeting device. Where you point on the screen is where you aim in the game. Change to the pc method and the Wiimote becomes detached from the game character. Point to the left and the character will turn to follow but won’t actually point where you are. I guess I will have to try it for myself before I can decide which I prefer. I think it’s a good thing that you can choose which option to use, hopefully all games will give you this ability (I don’t know whether Red Steel does or not?)


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  1. I basically gave up on console FPS games after Red Faction and Timesplitters on PS2, and went back to mouse controlled PC. My consoles are for sports games and platform games etc (or and survival horror of course 😉 and are cool for that. Maybe I’ll try FPS on the Wii and if I like it, well OK then 🙂

  2. I had CoD3 on launch day and didn’t even nitice this option lol. And now like you, I’M already used to the bounding box system. I thought the Wiimote pointer functionality was limited, thank god its not. And btw, why didn’t ubisoft made this option or a smaller bounding box like in CoD3???

  3. Why not have a toggle button mapped to either the remote or the nunchuck so you could switch between modes during play (without going in and out of menus all the time)? that way you could run into place mouselook style and then toggle shooting mode to blast away at multiple targets. My wii comes tomorrow so I’ll have to get COD3 and try out both modes.