We’ve waited a while but the Nintendo DSi is finally coming out in the UK soon – April the 4th in fact.

The gadget is actually the older, and smaller, brother to the Nintendo DS. It has larger screens, better speakers and is generally a more advanced piece of kit.

The major new features though include the 2 integrated cameras (one on the lid and one on the hinge facing you) which should lend themselves well to some new gameplay opportunities. The game boy cartridge slot has been removed, which will make some of the DS’s peripherals, such as the Guitar Hero widget, a bit useless – but it’s been replaced with an SD card reader – which will mean we can transfer stuff from Wii to DS very easily. It will also mean we can store, and then playback music and video on the DS. Finally the OS has had an overhaul and is now not dissimilar to the Wii. You can get the weather and news on the DSi, there’s a built in web browser, and there’s a store where you can download new content very easily.

Below are some videos of the new handheld in action…

The American launch video

A Nintendo DSi hands on review from IGN

Nintendo DSi and Nintedo DS web browsers compared


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  1. I love playing old GBA games on my DS. The screen doesn’t seem much bigger at all. But yeah they’ve been looking at the iPhone and improving on some of it’s features by the looks of things, it’s pretty neat. One thing I’d like it for is playing guitar solos slower (but at the same pitch) for practising – I actually wrote something on my Amiga years ago to do that but it will be handy to have it in the DS.

  2. Non sliding power button is a big improvment, as the one on DS lite was far too fragile, I broke the one on mine and had to buy a new one.