2 new videos for the Wii. As I mentioned earlier the Wii is a console I am really excited about, and these two games are two of the biggest reasons.

Excite Truck

When I first heard about this I was totally bemused.

“You control the truck by tilting the controller” I thought! “How ridiculous is that!”.

I knew that the new controller was going to bring some different game types into the mix, and I suppose tilting the controller was inevitable, but this game left me feeling cold. The video below has changed all that. Excite Truck looks like pure unadulterated fun. The landscapes are ridculously huge, and the game uses it to great advantage with the absolutely insane air you can get off the lumps and bumps in the terrain.


Zelda – need I say more? Unlike Excite Truck I knew this would be good, but the new video has me drooling. It shows loads of things I wasn’t aware of and I am itching to get my hands on a copy. Of course I won’t be able to do anything else for the following three/ four months whilst I play my way through the game. Curse you nintendo!

(I didn’t mean the cursing bit – Nintendo rockz)


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