The official Nintendo Wii site has been updated with some very nice looking new video footage of games for the system.

I feel sorry for the people who had to pretend they were playing the games, in particular the man who was pretending to play Metroid. There really was no need for him to curl up in a ball and bounce around the living room, it won’t effect the game at all.

Ignoring the ridiculousness the games themselves look really good and I’m more excited than ever about the launch of the new console.


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  1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it too. I love my gamecube and games like Mario, Metroid, Resident Evil (done ’em all), Viewtiful Joe oh and those cool star wars games. The PS2 rocks as well of course but the nintendo has it’s own unique feel. However, depending on the cost this Christmas, I may have to wait another year before getting one.