The 3d Prince of Persia games are a big favorite of mine. I’ve played and finished all of them, I love the gymnastics and the beauty and spectacle that they evoke. The environments are different and the puzzles enjoyable. Apart from some very annoying combat I have little to complain about.

So I’m always happy when I hear about a new Prince of Persia game. The first screenshots were leaked recently and I have them below.

I must admit, mixed in with the screenshots was some concept art (see the original post here) and I had a hard time picking the screens out from the concepts. The new game style is gorgeous. I’d heard it was very painterly/ cellshaded but wasn’t expecting anything quite like this.

In fact they’re so pretty, I’ve posted them all at the largest size I can fit on the page. Click them to see even bigger versions.

princeofpersia1 princeofpersia2 princeofpersia3 princeofpersia4 princeofpersia7 princeofpersia5


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  1. Coolness, this has real potential. Love the first “new” one (since the Amiga) have the 2nd just sitting on my shelf waiting to be played (but heard the PC version had some stinky copy-protection).