There’s a whole host of new Prince of Persia videos available and they are making me very excited indeed.

The new game seems like it will be a lot more fantastical than the first series. The jumps and moves all look a lot more anime than realistic, and the combat looks like it’s straight out of Devil May Cry (minus the guns).

Visually it’s still a stunner, the extra colour this style allows adds so much more variety and interest. Sands of Time was colourful but there were a lot of browns and generic sandy vistas – the addition of the cell shading makes things much more interesting.

TGS trailer

I loke the music in this trailer. It fits the gameplay perfectly and makes a wonderful change to the, very obvious, heavy metal sound track that would also have fit… but it’s just not the same. In fact I liked the music so much that I looked up the artist (Sia Furler) and bought her album on iTunes.

Gameplay montage

You can see a lot of the more unrealistic moves in this video. Most of them are to do with the combination of the Prince and his partner – Elika – and the way they interact. Apparently she stays mostly out of the way. One of the buttons on the controller calls here to you and when pressed she will do some context sensitive move that helps you. For example in a big jump she will push you further, or in a fight she will hit the enemy. Sounds like a nice idea, but it remains to be seen how it works in reality.


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