Reflexive Arcade have just released an innovative new game which is different from their normal catalogue of casual clones and action games. Reflexive do tend to launch a broad range of games, so that’s a thumbs up from me.

It’s called Music Catch and as the name implies, you catch music.

Basically the game plays a tune and notes fly out of this line that moves around the screen. Every note that you move the mouse over increases your score and yellow notes boost it more. As your score increases so does your cursor’s area so you can catch notes easier. You have to avoid red notes which reduce the cursor area. Also sometimes you get purple notes which suck all the good notes into your cursor for a brief period of time.

It’s pretty innovative but to me it feels like a free web game – perhaps that’s why it’s only $9.99. The customer reviews seem to be positive, but it left me feeling that it lacks content and polish. One interesting feature is the ability to add your own MP3s to the game instead of listening to music from previous Reflexive games.

Anyway, try it out. I wonder if it’ll take off?

Music Catch


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