Since the recent GTA 4 trailer there have been a number of interesting posts around the web talking about related content. I quite like them so thought I would out line the better ones below.

10 things you didn’t see in the GTA 4 trailer

grandtheftauto4 1An interesting article pointing out some of the things you may not have noticed in the trailer. Some of these are just interesting points, whilst others are possibilities regarding the actual gameplay.

New York appalled at GTA setting

Apparently the mayor of New York was rather upset at the new Grand Theft Auto being set in Liberty City – which admittedly bears a striking resemblance to the Big Apple.

Jason Post, a spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg, put the final nail in GTA IV’s coffin: “The mayor does not support any video game where you earn points for injuring or killing police officers.”

I find it interesting that they would speak out over a video game, yet there are many violent movies set in the actual NY with no repercussions.

Photo comparison

Not being American I am not as familiar with New York as it’s residents (although I have been there once) and whilst Grand Theft Auto 4 is unlikely to actually be set in New York, it does bear a number of very striking similarities with it’s real life counterpart. Games Radar were very quick off the mark putting together an article comparing a number of photos with screenshots to show just how similar they are. Very it seems!

What Rockstar did wrong

This one seemed to pass under the radar for most people, but Wired have put together an article outlining the decline of Rockstar. This is slightly strange considering the massive amount of publicity they have received for the game trailer, and will no doubt get for the game, but apparently there are some problems behind the scenes at Rockstar. I don’t think these problems will make any difference to the game but it will be interesting to see if there are any further problems in the future.


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