There’s a lot of speculation going around about Microsoft releasing a new avatars system which is inspired by the ever popular Wii Mii’s. However that’s not all – Wired are reporting that there’s more, all being speculation apparently gleaned from leaked info about the upcoming E2 conference.

micro miisAssuming the screenshot above is the real thing then Micro Miis are clearly inspired by the Wii Miis, only with a more realistic approach (not dissimilar to the Miis form Mario Kart).

  • The next Tony Hawk game comes with a motion-sensitive stand-on skateboard controller that sounds a lot like the Wii Fit board.
  • The big innovation for Guitar Hero World Tour’s guitar controller is a touch-sensitive fretboard that lets you slide up and down for analog solos during songs.
  • Forza 3 for Xbox 360 is so gigantic — over 400 cars and 100 tracks — that it will be sold as a two-disc game.
  • There’s a video for a game called Crucible, which some are speculating is Silicon Knights’ game for Sega, which is rumored to be titled The Crucible: The Evil Within.
  • Disney is bringing out a 360, PS3, and Wii game called Ultimate Band, which will be compatible with Rock Band instruments or played with normal controllers and Wiimote motion sensing. There’s video of this, too.

Bear in mind this is all 100% speculation and the MTV Multiplayer blog is letting us know Microsoft won’t confirm anything.


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  1. I should really try out one of these guitar games one day. Thing is I have a *real* guitar (genuine USA Strat) + Marshall valve amp and used to be in a metal band, so these games have a certain amount to live up to 😉 Mind you, if they’re anything like the fantastically addictive Elite Beat agents for DS then I’m sure I’d love them…

  2. I’ve never played a real guitar, but I have played Guitar Hero – it’s very good fun. I had problems coordinating more than 4 notes at once but I should think it would be easier for someone with real world experience 🙂

    Apparently the more recent games are harder so if you go for them get GH 2 or 3