The original Max Payne – a classic game from 2001 that introduced bullet time to the gaming world – is coming to iOS this April.

I remember playing all the way through Max Payne. The first time I bullet time dived through a doorway, spinning around taking down bad guys as I flew through the air was awesome. And then I did that repeatedly for the rest of the game… but it got broken up with all sorts of other strange elements. Max Payne is a tortured soul – and this was shown nicely in the dream/ flash back sequences. The comic strip cinematics also added a sense of style to the Noir influenced shooter.

No prices have been announced so far, and the game is said to have had improved graphics, and more social elements added – so it will be interesting to see how the very controls focused game will translate to the iPhone and other iOS devices.

Unfortunately there’s no videos yet so here’s some screenshots to whet your appetite.


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